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Is Fast weight loss a myth or Can you make it possible?

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Is Fast weight loss a myth or reality?

weight loss.

Obviously Fast weight loss is not a Myth! It is human nature to dislike the way one looks. You can make everything possible because you have remedies at your fingertips. Undoubtedly, we get dissatisfied about how others might be judging our body type. Whatever the body type you are, acceptance is the key to reach the ‘perfect’ shape.

If you are overweight, obese or just ‘out of shape’; acceptance itself will not work on you. Moreover, you cannot ignore the stress you undergo, in such situations.  Obviously, you will search to lose weight faster over and over again. Alternatively, you will start to question the possibility of losing weight fast. Is it possible to lose weight fast? Does it take time? How long will it take? What should you do then?

Accept that ‘Fast will not Last’

Is Fast weight loss a myth or  reality?

Yes, you heard it right!

There is nothing as fast or quick weight loss. Firstly, it is necessary to accept that, it will take time to lose weight as it is a process. Whatever the instant weight loss tips you see daily might not work forever. (Trust me. I tried them too.) It might last for a week, a month or a year, but not for the rest of your life. Keep in mind that long term gain is what we are looking for. Without a doubt, you will have to believe in yourself and you will have to follow the most appropriate methods.

Understand your Body Type

Is Fast weight loss a myth or reality?

Body type does not mean either being super skinny or oversized. Try to identify whether you are an:

An Ectomorph: check whether you have a lean body. Classically, we call them “Hard gainers”. People with this type of body have lean muscle mass, smaller shoulders, a flat chest. Moreover, they have a very fast metabolism.

An Endomorph: Endomorphs typically have a slow metabolism. In general, they have the probability of gaining muscles and fat. In contrary, they find it hard to lose fat too. They gain fat to the body than muscles.


A Mesomorph: If you have an athletic figure, you are a Mesomorph. These people have the possibility of gaining muscles faster than the others. In addition, they have strong bodies. Since this variety gain more calories easily, they will have to be careful in their eating habits.

Therefore, you have to know your body better to lose weight. Get help from a dietician or a physical trainer if possible. In these technologically advanced days, you can even do some researches online to identify your body type. Above all, you can start working out on the lifestyle changes that suits you the best. Then you will be free of the stress of bothering yourself to lose weight.

Build Habits that your Body Loves

Discipline is crucial if you want to cut out calories. Even though many would refer to motivation as the key to lifestyle change, it is human nature to be demotivated at times.

At those times it is okay to force and exert a little bit of pressure on yourself to stay on track. Do you want to skip your workout for a day? Fine! Do it for a day but follow it better from the next day onwards and try to stay consistent for the rest of the week. Similarly, discipline yourself when it comes to eating, fitness routine and rest. Find the perfect balance to stay fit.

Don’t DIET, but Eat RIGHT!

The word ‘Diet’ itself has a haunting effect on those who want to lose weight. There are many myths related to dieting. Although there are several strict diets on the loose, one has to seize the flexible diet that their body craves. Listen to your body because they differ from one person to another from age, body type, metabolic rate and so on. However, if you are lost on track, start with these

Fast weight loss 7 simple steps

  1. Cut off processed food, excessive sugar and fizzy drinks
  2. Maintain a food log and count the number of calories (both macro and micronutrients) that is indispensable for you to function better. One can either maintain a journal or download a calorie counting app to do it for you.
  3. Understand that carbohydrates aren’t your enemy. Don’t deprive yourself of it yet have carbs in moderation, according to your body type.
  4. Don’t restrict calories as it will make you eat more and moreover the time. Remember, we don’t need short term goals when it comes to losing weight. We want it to last!
  5. Keep yourself hydrated. Water is an essential component in boosting metabolism and drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before each meal would curb your hunger, causing not to binge eat.
  6. Don’t skip breakfast. Have a proper and healthy breakfast to curb the hunger for the rest of the day as much as possible.
  7. Snacking isn’t bad but snack wisely. Instead of stuffing the refrigerator with processed foods, have some fruits or a piece of dark chocolate ready. Keep track of how many snacks you really want per day. If you feel like eating out of boredom, quickly focus your thoughts away from food to an activity like reading, watching a movie or a video.

Move that body towards Perfection

Even though you eat right, you will not lose those love handles if you don’t move a bit. It is proven that cardio exercises along with strength and flexibility workouts, would do miracles in your body. If that is strenuous, try to commence by walking more. Take the steps instead of the elevator. Walk to that restaurant for a healthy meal from the office instead of taking a taxi. Take small steps till you’re comfortable with doing a proper workout at home or at the gym.

One’s mentality is the Key!

Now it might be understandable that losing weight cannot be done within a shorter time period. But you can make it possible if you believe in yourself. In fact, it is a whole new lifestyle change that you are going to embrace. Eventually, you would get used to a healthy lifestyle. Because, you have forced yourself for a certain time, making you accept your body better. Do not forget that fitness and wellness would improve your confidence level. They help in ameliorating your personality for a better-empowered self. Consequently, you will progress with that ‘perfection’ that you always wanted.

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