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Walk in Bath is a ready-made Health comfort

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A Walk in Bath is a very essential upgrade to maintain your privacy while bathing. It is a bathtub with a light door to step in through and close it behind. When closed the door seals itself. Literally easier to even get in and take a seat comfortably. These accessible walk baths are mainly targeted to the elderly, to users with ailments and with reduced mobility.
Skilled craftsmen had designed these baths with the latest and modest technology to ensure safety. It comes in Full- length and also Sit-up positions. That enables the user to be placed to one’s satisfaction in the bath.

Walk in Bath is a ready-made Health comfort

Hydrotherapy system

It provides a satisfactory bath which comes with a Hydrotherapy system. The user can experience a body massage that relieves him out of pains and aches. This is done through systemized whirlpool Jets and Heated Back-rest. Practically you enjoy a Spa while having a traditional bath. It is an absolute multi-tasking equipment. The main inclusion of:

  • Grab-rails – installed in the bath itself, these rails enhance the grip. It is an additional support to ensure the safety of the user. 
  • Slip-resistant flow- the floor is carefully constructed to be quite rough. It would not make the person slip and get harmed even when the floor is wet.
  • Ergonomic seat- these tubs are specifically designed for the use to be comfortable to his heart’s content.
    Cosy-warm feature heats the seat until the water drains.
  • Quick fill and Quick Drainage- these options are systemized to manage time. This procedure does not let the user get uncomfortably cold and wait till the water flows slowly. Especially the elderly is very much benefited by these procedures.
Walk in Bath is a ready-made Health comfort

are exclusive features. Also, the users can add other optional features to the package above.
This is very advantageous for people who need special care. It saves a lot of time and is comfortable to both the caretaker and the cared. 

Walk in Bath is a ready-made Health comfort

Walk-in baths

Walk-in baths come with different. Brands targeted to different users. Some are:

  1. American-standard
  • the possibility to the user to customize the bath according to his provided space.
  1. Jacuzzi
  • with exclusive options that suit the budget. The buyer can also select mobile operated smart bath tubs. This feature is mainly known as ‘Echo’. It thus gives the ability to use a Bluetooth system with simple controllers at the user’s fingertips.
  1. Elevate Bath tubs
  • are sit-in baths introduced with a quick drainage system which flushes the water within 10 seconds. They include Cozy warm feature. 
  • Baths are not mere luxurious tubs that satisfy the user.
    It comes handy and provides great health benefits. Acting as a Spa therapy and a Chromo therapy, Walk-in baths help reduce ailments and provide a muscle relaxing bath while stimulating the skin.
    This is one of the best equipment, that ensures safety and physical well being of the user.

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