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The Magical Frozen “Dream Lake” of Colorado

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The Magical Frozen “Dream Lake” of Rocky Mountain National park is a majestic place to visit. It has its own marvellous creations of nature.

Normally, the logic with water is very interesting. It changes with seasonal changes. It has its own density. And it has its own temperature which changes the appearance from one climate to the other.

When the temperature drops down below 39° Fahrenheit, the surface starts to freeze. It then turns into a whole magical land. It turns out to be a heaven on earth indeed. Last February as reported, the photographer Eric Gross found This Heaven on Earth- “The Magical Frozen Dream Lake” of Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park.

One of the best destinations in the United States of America.

The Magical Frozen "Dream Lake" of Colorado
The Rocky Mountain National Park
Image credits: Estes Park Wildlife and Activities

Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the best destinations in the United States of America. Thousands of people go for a chance to get in touch with its wildlife, nature, and subalpine lakes. People are given the opportunity to explore days and days around the park. Most of all, you see the best of views from mountain tops. This is how it became one in a million chance to Eric Gross when he found the dream lake.

Being a landscape photographer, Eric Gross began his photography journey in 2014. And recently in February, he found the Majestic sight of the Dream Lake in Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park. He had wanted to photograph something unique. After going to much of a secluded area, he was literally dumbstruck of what he saw. The lake was obviously frozen, but the way it was frozen blew his mind over.

The Majestic Frozen “Dream Lake” of Colorado

The Magical Frozen "Dream Lake" of Colorado
The Magical Frozen Dream Lake
Image Credits: Eric Gross

It was not a common sight. He had reported that he could not express what he saw at once when he reached the Dream lake. Every curve and edge of the Waves were smooth. And it seems to be as if the time has stopped. He couldn’t believe his eyes of how real the lake looked. Actually, it hasn’t looked like a normal frozen lake. Instead, it has been frozen in its own way. The dream Lake looked as if it was frozen within milliseconds.

The Magical Frozen "Dream Lake" of Colorado
A closeup of the frozen smooth waves
Image Credits: Eric Gross

A-One in a Million Chance for Eric Gross

Obviously, all the lakes of Rocky Mountain National Park look magnificent indeed. In contrast, this has been a rare phenomenon. Eric gross has himself hiked up the mountain many times to get photographs. In particular, the more he has visited, the more he had found it interesting. According to what he had said, he has gotten addicted to this strange sight. Therefore, he had visited several times to feel beauty.

Despite the harsh weather, the photographer had meticulously planned to approach the beauty in all the possible ways. He had wanted the best photographs. Without a doubt, his photographs have had intense popularity.

The Magical Frozen "Dream Lake" of Colorado
A one in a million chance for a photographer with an artistic eye
Image credit: Eric Gross

Moreover, photographing something more original has been his plan for a long time. Eric Gross had given priority to almost all the famous landscapes in America. Certainly, this had, therefore, become one of his greatest destinations. And he had obviously succeeded in capturing the best with an artistic eye.

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