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Benagil Caves: Concealed beauty of Portugal

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Benagil Caves: Concealed beauty of Portugal
Inside Algar de Benagil

The immensely beautiful Benagil caves are located in Portugal. This concealed beauty is popular among many visitors. In addition to the awe-inspiring view from above, you can even reach inside the caves to stay hidden.

Since we are stuck at home, shall we all go on a virtual tour? How about a natural indoor beach? In fact, this might be your next travel destination. After all, Benagil caves are unmissable if you are in Portugal.

Going back in time

In the first place, anyone would love to know the history of the caves. The birth of Benagil Caves goes way back in time. Actually, the cave belongs to the Mesozoic era. In other words, it was created in the age of dinosaurs. Literally, you are at a place that belonged to dinosaurs.

As sources suggest, it has taken over 20 million years for the formation. However, natural carvings are due to weathering. The prolonged exposure to rain and waves is the secret behind its beauty. Isn’t Nature the best creator?

Location of Benagil Caves

Benagil Caves: Concealed beauty of Portugal
Bird-eye view of the caves

The Benagil caves are also known as Gruta de Benagil and Algar de Benagil. Actually, that is how the natives call the Caves. They are situated in Algarve in Portugal, in the municipality of Lagoa.

However, the area was not always a tourist destination. In fact, it was a fishing village on the Atlantic coast. According to sources, the fishing industry prevailed even in the 20th Century. Currently, the main income of the village is through tourism.

What a view!

Benagil Caves: Concealed beauty of Portugal
Sight from above the cave

Honestly, the view at Algar de Benagil is extravagant. One can experience the beauty of rock formations from the above. Besides, you get to see mesmerizing, sunlit patterns on rocks. Yet, the million-dollar view is when you get into the cave. As a matter of fact, there is a secluded beach inside the Benagil Caves.

 Once you enter, you will be in a well ventilated beach. In addition, Algar de Benagil illuminates with the sunlight, falling from an eye-shaped hole. Moreover, you get to walk along a shaded beach.

Accessing Algar de Benagil

Benagil Caves: Concealed beauty of Portugal
Paddle-boarding to the caves

The Benagil Caves are easily accessible. In order to enter, one should get a boat, a kayak or a Paddle-board.You can rent them from there. Even there are local guides to help you around the caves.

Even though you want to see the golden sand and the azure water, you are not recommended to swim.  Although many people swim into the caves, the ocean currents can become dangerous.

According to visitors, the best way reach Algar de Benagil is through a Paddle-board. That is because you get to stay in for a long time.

When to visit the Benagil Caves

Reaching the cave

Basically, the Benagil Caves are open throughout the year. But, most of the time it is full of people. In brief, it is better to visit there during spring or fall. If you’re visiting the caves, skip July and August in particular. Otherwise, you will be unhappy because the crowd can hide the view.

On the other hand, boats don’t enter the Benagil Caves if there’s crowd. Therefore, try your best not to go there during summer.

During the crowded times, it is difficult to reach the caves in vehicles. Nevertheless, it is only a short walk from the nearby village.

Anyhow, there are plenty of places for you to stay if you are visiting them. The village provides all the facilities you need. In fact, it will be a good investment, since this a unique experience. If you ever visit Portugal, don’t miss these picturesque Benagil Caves. After all, you will regret if you miss the stunning landscape.

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