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Using ECSTASY and illegal Drugs as Treatments for Depression

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A genetic risk, a “chemical imbalance” let’s say, one’s personality and the excessive use of intoxicants can cause Depression. Depression meets us in many ways;

  • Psychotic Depression makes you hallucinate. You hear sounds that nobody had ever heard before. You go behind beliefs that nobody had known before. Simply saying, you get out of touch with reality.
  • Melancholia aka. MDD (major depressive disorder) makes you lose pleasure. Almost in everything. You start questioning yourself due to the intensive feelings like extreme sadness and hopelessness. It makes your behaviour, your adrenaline and your movements slow.

Nonetheless, with the advancement of “Medical Healthcare”, which rapidly developed in the hands of technology, both legal and illegal Drugs automatically influenced the world. People started misusing these Drugs. They became easy mediums to Escape reality. Some used them out of curiosity. Unfortunately, Depression became the main issue to run away from.

Contain Hallucinogen

Usage of Drugs that contain Hallucinogen is critical. One such powerful medium is MDMA (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine), also known as ECSTACY, MOLLY, XTC, etc. Originally, a few psychiatrists in late 1970’s had used MDMA to treat their patients. Back then, FDA (food and Drug administration USA) had done its best in prohibiting the drug. The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) declared MDMA as an Abusive Drug. They banned the Drug in 1985. But the distribution never stopped. Even today, especially teenagers and young adults use it. This Drug is inexpensive and thus easily accessible.



Why would you get the Risk?

– Drugs like MDMA increases metabolism, pleasure, happiness, and gives clear emotions. The user feels light and hallucinates things that make him get addicted. The effect of Dose intake changes depending on the purity of the Drug. Its quality and the user’s tolerance change the impact. And if the intake exceeds 500mg within 2 hours it can be fatal. It causes Death.  All in all, matters turn worse, when people suffering from Depression gets addicted to it. Because, when you are mentally imbalanced, the probability of going for easier means accelerates. Drugs giving happiness become life even if it is temporary.

Once addicted, you cannot easily convince to stop these unethical measures. You cannot provoke that Drugs are useless to run away from reality. Therefore, illegal intoxicants are never the answer for Depression. Instead there are many other means to help yourself successfully.

  • Counselling.
  • Yoga.
  • Peer interaction.
  • Meditation.
  • Psychotherapy.
  • Cognitive therapy

Specifically, psychological therapies guarantee you a safe lifestyle with avoided stress and conflicts. Psychologists and psychiatrists can guide you to think rationally and positive about the common challenges of life and give you a problem-solving condition under CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). One of the most lenient and common methods known to be MBCT (Mind Based Cognitive Therapy), is a well-known meditational approach for cultivating patient’s mind to live in the present and face reality. Therapies like IPT (Interpersonal Therapy) and Behavioral Therapy provide a lot of strategies to overcome extreme feelings and emotions. Therefore, be careful enough to not to misunderstand or misinterpret Drugs for Antidepressants when you have a number of other harmless means to overcome Depression.

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